See the amount of money you save when equipment's properly maintained.

Hydraulic fluids and systems are constantly subjected to adverse conditions such as moisture, heat, long operating intervals and pressures. These harsh conditions can deteriorate oil by creating acid build up, oxidation, and viscosity changes. Oil deterioration leads to cracking and hardening of hoses, shrinkink seals and o-rings, resulting in increased oil consumption. It also causes excessive wear on bearings, valves, gears, pumps and cylinders leading to more frequent overhauls and costly downtime.

Frontier hydraulic oils are designed to increase operational efficiency and response, double fluid life, increase hose and seal life, decrease pump and component wear, reduce power consumption, increase productivity, and lower overall operating costs.

In the cost analysis form below, we ask that you fill in all the empty areas. For the purpose of this illistration, the forms will automatically double the current change interval (we frequently see drain intervals three to four times  this level), this will demonstrate the minimum savings you should expect to see when using Frontier Lubricants Hydraulic Oils. If you need assistance with the use of this form please feel free to call us we are here to help.  1-800-807-4496.

    Hydraulic Oil Cost Analysis          
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