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Power Mix ULSD Series of fuel treatments are fully formulated, multi-functional diesel fuel additives. When used reguarly, they clean carbon build-up, increase combustion efficiency, lower fuel consumption and replace the natural lubricity that is lost during the hydrocracking process used in the production on Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel.

Please use this fuel cost calculator to help determine your return on investment when considering the use of our Power Mix 500 fuel treatment. This form will only work correctly for Power Mix 500 and not the other items in our fuel treatment line. Please check back again as a calculator will be added shortly for thoes other items.

Use the price quoted to you by your representitive for the price per callon section, and the current cost of you fuel from your fuel distributor in the diesel cost per gallon section. The form will calculate everything else for you. For further clarification please contact your local represenative, or call 1-800-807-4496

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    Price Treatment Cost Diesel Cost Break/Even Average % Dollars Payout
    Per Gallon Per GL of Diesel Per Gallon Percent Fuel Savings ** Savings PR/GL ROI