See the amount of money you save when equipment's properly maintained.

Grounds keeping functions are a major task on any golf course. Greens, fairways and sand traps need frequent attention in order to maintain functionality and visual appeal. Because of these demands, using Frontier’s quality lubricants are a wise investment decision that will save courses, superintendents and maintenance managers both the time and the money.

Grounds keeping and landscaping on golf courses requires the use of a variety of equipment that is exposed to a range of environmental conditions and must maintain superb performance to keep greens and fairways in immaculate shape. 

Frontier Performance Lubricants for golf courses, provides the protection and added comfort to keep gang mowers, rotary mowers, weed trimmers, lawn tractors, back hoes, etc, performing at superior levels.




  • Grease
  • Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Bio-Degradable Fluids and Greases
  • Tractor Hydraulic Fluids
  • Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Aerosol Products
  • Safe-Guard Tire Sealant
But despite the best preventive measures, ruptured hoses, spills and leaks occur with the use of all hydraulic equipment and because of the toxic nature of standard hydraulic fluids. These spills will discolor or kill turf grasses. Many times, the resulting contamination calls for turf replacement. Frontier’s “BIOGUARD” is designed so that once on the ground, “BIOGUARD” hydraulic fluids are consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms. The consumption reduces discoloration and root damage which allows your turf grass to recover quicker. In fact, should you have a spill while using “BIOGUARD hydraulic fluids, rinsing the turf immediately could eliminate discoloration. “BIOGUARD’S” Soy based formula insures biodegradability without sacrificing performance. “BIOGUARD” excels in lubricity, turf renewability, and biodegradability when compared with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. Yet, it is equal to any high-grade petroleum–based fluid in performance.
In this picture, the front four test plots showing the burned bentgrass are the result of the petroleum hydraulic spills. The petroleum oils in these plots burned the grass within 24 hours. The remaining plots are spills of biobased hydraulic formulas, pure vegetable oil, and blank test controls. There was no noticeable difference in plant health between equal spill volumes of biobased hydraulic formulas and pure vegetable oil.
Reduce turf damage with
“BIOGUARD" hydraulic fluids