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At Frontier Performance Lubricants, we are so certain our product is superior to all other products, that we offer a product to product comparison to help you understand which lubricant is best for you.


Do you have a product that you use or are thinking of using? Would you like to know how that product compares to the Frontier Performance Lubricants product? Simply complete this Request a Comparison online form and one of our Lubricant Specialists will contact you to start your comparison.

Or, Contact us today for a Complimentary Lubrication Plant Survey. This free service can save your operation from down-time, equipment failure and lost revenue.

Our Plant Surveys will:

•    Help determine exact lubricant requirements.
•    Identifie opportunities for lubricant consolidation.
•    Maximize equipment performance and service life
•    Provide lubricant specification machinery tags to help prevent misapplication
•    FREE Follow-up Lubricant Anaiysis on all Frontier products testing for viscosity, acidity, contamination 
      and wear metals. Includes full interpretation and recommended actions. 

•    Training tailored to fit your needs by our expert Lubrication Technicians.

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