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Tire Sealants.

New! SAFE GUARD Air Lock Tire Technology.

No. 1001
Safe Guard Heavy Duty formulation begins with time proven Safe Guard Commercial Grade Product. It is then enhanced with additional fibers and fillers that are larger in size.

The combination of fibers and fillers in Safe Guard Heavy Duty tire sealant act to protect against the large and numerous punctures common in off road and some on-road equipment. This increased protection translates to lower maintenance costs and most important, less equipment downtime,
Off road tires must endure heavy punishment. they encounter "Tire Killers" such as jagged rocks, sharp road concrete, piercing scrap metal, jutting rebar to mention a few.

Safe Guard's Heavy Duty formulation withstands the riggers of heavy off-road use, while guarding against bothersome slow leaks and punctures up to 5/8 inch.

Safe Guard Heavy Duty tire sealant
is designed for equipment that is used off -road such as the following:

Backhoes    • Road Graders     • Skid Loaders     • Cranes     • Tractors/Mowers

• Articulated Loaders  • Sanitation trucks  • Cargo Trailers  • Heavy Farm Trucks

• Concrete Trucks  • Any Over-the Road Vehicle rated 3/4 ton or heavier  • ATV's

No. 1003
Safe Guard Extreme Duty tire sealant is based on the highly successful Safe Guard Heavy Duty formulation. We have modified the fiber and filler content to enhance sealing capabilities, thus providing the ultimate in tire protection.

Safe Guard Extreme Duty tire sealant
was initially designed for military use and has proven to be very effective in unusual hazardous environments. Landfills, building demolition and concrete crushers are examples of businesses that have benefited from the extra protection provided by Safe Guard Extreme Duty.

Safe Guard Extreme Duty tire sealant is designed for off road equipment including:

• Sanitation Trucks           • Quarry Equipment              • Articulated Loaders

• Logging Equipment           • Road Graders                     • Military Vehicles