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Effectively Repels:

  • Cockroaches

Roach Repellent

Roach Bio-Repellent

No. 654


Roach Bio-Repellent is one of the newest pest control products on the market. This safe and natural product contains three elements that make it a triple threat against disgusting roaches:

  • White pepper. This ingredient is 100% safe to humans and pets, but toxic to pesky roaches. Roaches that come into contact with this product will die within minutes.
  • Grease. This ingredient allows for the product to reach into cracks and crevasses that hide insects.
  • A barrier. This product creates a line that roaches cannot cross. It repels them, which no other product does! 

This natural roach repellent is a triple-threat when it comes to roach control!




Application Technique

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Tube Label

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Safety Precautions

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Sealing Porous Surfaces

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