Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant

No. 703


  • Cable
  • Wire Rope

Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is a unique blend of highly solvent vegetable base oils. Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is fortified with Anti-Wear additives as well as non aggressive EP additives to reduce cable stretching and provide extended cable life. The high levels of oxidation inhibitors in Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant makes it ideal for use on or around waterfronts or in any cable or wire rope environment that experiences salt water or high levels of moisture.

Bio-Cable is formulated with food grade synthetic polymers that increase oil film strength and seal out water from penetrating down to the core. Bio-Cable has a strong affinity to metals without being "tacky" and does not build up or attract dust. This assures the ultimate lubrication of cables and wire ropes.

Bio-Cable is an environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, cable lubricant ideal for total loss lubricant applications. It is fortified with earth friendly oxidation, corrosion, and rust inhibitors.

Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is made from proprietary process using a combination of vegetable based fluids which are inherently better able to resist emulsification in high-moisture environments than conventional petroleum oils. This resistance to emulsification virtually eliminates problems in outdoor environments, where conventional cable lubes tend to attract water, causing the oil to breakdown and rise to the surface leaving the core unprotected.


Bio-Cable is a cost effective, environmentally friendly replacement for petroleum based Cable & Wire Rope oils. Bio-Cable competes in performance with synthetic based oils, yet, costs less. Unlike synthetic and mineral oil products, Bio-Cable is made from sustainable and renewable agricultural plant resources grown in America. Bio-Cable offers improved Anti-Wear, Anti-Scuffing, Anti-Galling, and Extreme Pressure properties, extends lubrication intervals, and lengthens the service life of cables and wire ropes.


Oxidation Stability,

TOST, ASTM D943, hr1

ASTM 2266 Four Ball Wear Test

40 KG, 1 hour @ 167° F (mm) Scar

Corrosion test, Steel,

(ASTM D665) Procedure B:

Foam Test ASTM D-892

Available foam after 10 min.

Rust Test ASTM D-665 A/B
Distilled Water Pass-clean
Synthetic Sea Water Pass-clean
Demulsibility Test ASTM D-1401 Pass
ISO Grade 32
Viscosity @ 40º C, cSt: 31.3
Viscosity @ 100º C, cSt: 31.3
Viscosity Index: 185
Flash Point, COC, ºF 460
Pour Point, ºF: -40
Color, Saybolt: +30

Values shown here are typical, and may vary.