No. 874


  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Fabric
  • Laminate Surfaces

Food Safe Silicone Lubricant is a unique blend of food grade silicones designed to lubricate equipment used in the packaging and processing industry. It is specifically formulated to reduce friction and eliminate sticking and binding on metal, plastic, rubber, glass, fabric and laminate surfaces. Food Safe Silicone Lubricant is rated for incidental food contact (H1) on food packaging and processing equipment. It leaves a quick drying, non-staining, pure silicone film that lubricates moving parts and decreases wear and heat by reducing friction of the treated surfaces.


  • Prevents sticking and allows materials to slide more easily
  • Prevents squeaking
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Rated H1 (incidental food contact) by USDA
  • Non staining
  • Quick drying
  • Heat stable (-40F° + 450F°)
  • Repels moisture and protects against corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Excellent release agent

Food Safe Silicone Lubricant may be used at meat and poultry plants, food plants, packaging plants, container molding operations, bottling plants. It may be applied on cutting tables, conveyers, heating and sealing equipment, slicing equipment and guide rails. It prevents glue from adhering and eliminates sticking when sprayed on rails, belts, stamps and grip fingers of labeling equipment. Food Safe Silicone Lubricant prevents sticking on chutes, bins, walls and surfaces and prevents adhesion of greases and oils. It allows cellophane, pilofilm, vinyl polyethylene and saran to move freely over sprayed surfaces.


Shake well before using. Spray onto clean dry surface and allow 60 seconds to dry.

CAUTION: Extremely Flammable

Consult MSDS sheet for technical information