Gear Guard

Semi-Fluid Gear Grease

No. 112


  • Wheel Line Pivots
  • Enclosed Gear Cases
  • Automatic Lube Systems
  • Poor Sealing Gear Boxes
  • Rack and Pinion Drives
  • Turn Tables
  • Slides
  • Sealing Compound
  • Rust and Corrosion Barrier

Gear Guard is a long-life adhesive/cohesive grease designed for use in enclosed gear cases requiring a semi-fluid product. This formulation has a mixed base thickener comprised of 12-Hydroxy Lithium and Calcium Complex. This thickener combination combined with the latest technology in anti-wear, extreme pressure, rust and corrosion protection and high viscosity index hydro-processed group II base oils make Gear Guard an extremely sheer stable, water resistant anti-wear and EP grease. The outstanding rust and corrosion protection contained in Gear Guard makes it ideally suited for gears and bearings exposed to high moisture levels. A unique additive system makes this product particularly resistant to fretting corrosion and micro pitting.

Gear Guard is specifically formulated to provide maximum, long lasting protection to bearings, bushings, sliding surfaces and other areas exposed to severe conditions of pounding, moisture contamination, or heavy loads. Gear Guard contains an exclusive polar additive that will maintain an oil presence on gears and bearings during idle conditions or in low RPM applications.