IHTG 800

Per-fluorinated polyether (PFPE)

No. 116


  • Lubricate Ball and Roller Bearings
  • Gears
  • Screw Actuators
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Assembly Lube on O-Rings
  • Other Elastomers

NLGI #2 IHTG 800 is a black buttery NLGI #2 grade grease. The base fluid is an extremely stable per-fluorinated polyether (PFPE) oil thickened with a tetra-fluoroethylene telomere. IHTG 800 has exceptional chemical resistance against acids and alkalis. It possesses low volatility, and a wide-temperature service range. IHTG 800 is rust inhibited, contains molybdenum disulfide, is nonflammable and an excellent boundary lubricant. IHTG 800 is insoluble in petroleum derived products such as aircraft fuels, diesel and gasoline, and non halogenated solvents. Halogenated solvents will dilute IHTG 800, but upon evaporation of the solvent the grease returns to its original texture and consistency.

Because IHTG 800 greases have low pour points and low starting torque they are used in cryogenic applications. Typical uses are to lubricate ball and roller bearings, gears, screw actuators, electrical contacts, and as an assembly lube on O-rings, and other elastomers. At high-temperatures IHTG 800 can withstand 280ºC (536 °F) for long periods of time. IHTG 800 greases are ideal candidates for fill-for-life applications in the uses cited above.

Due to the chemical resistance of all of the IHTG series of greases they are used in the chemical industry. Because they do not react with oxygen, they see use in oxygen valves. They do not react with corrosive gases, and liquids, such as in chlorine valves. They do not react with strong acids and alkali such as fuming sulfuric acid and strong NaOH. Thus, they lubricate a myriad of chemical pumps. They are insoluble in petroleum derived products and can be used in the face of fuels and natural gas. They are ideal in areas of pure oxygen infusion, and are non flammable making them usable in autoclaves.

IHTG 800 is a built from a tetra-fluoroethylene telomere (PFTE) thickener, and an exceptionally stable Per-lourinated Polyether base fluid giving it the following unique features:

  • Chemically Inert: They are not affected by chemicals, which attack other greases.
  • Non-flammable: They will not catch fire.
  • Low Volatility: The low vapor pressure yields long life at high-temperatures.
  • High Volume Resistivity: This makes them suitable for electronic applications.
  • High Viscosity Index and Low Pour Point: These properties allow them to be used at extremely highand low temperatures.
  • No Effect on Seals, Elastomers, and Paints: They will not swell or shrink over 95% of the commercial elastomers and seals at high temperatures.
  • Non-Toxic and Biologically Inert: They comply with local and Federal safety and health regulations.
  • Extremely Hydrolytically Stable: They will not react with water even at high temperatures as in the case of highly pressurized steam.
  • Non Petroleum Soluble: They are not affected by petroleum fuels, solvents or gases.