No. 107


  • Shaker Head Slings of commercial nut harvesting machines equipped with manually lubricated heads

Syn-tack is an NLGI No. 2 grade grease formulated with synthetic base stocks and a unique synthetic polymer combined with select anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.

This lubricant has excellent mechanical and shear stability, plus excellent adhesive and cohesive characteristics.

Syn-tack resists extreme heat and will not throw out under the most severe operating conditions.


Syn-tack is specifically designed for lubricating the shaker head slings of commercial nut harvesting machines equipped with standard manually lubricated heads.


Syn-tack will provide superior, long lasting protection and will remain on the treated surface. This product is not affected by heat and will not run off leaving the contact area susceptible to blistering and cracking. Using Syn-tack will minimize tree barking, and is proven to be more cost effective than conventional greases.

Syn-tack is not a petroleum base product; it will not soften and swell rubber components like conventional greases.

Because of the extreme high internal viscosity index, Syn-tack will withstand extreme heat and cold, and has excellent cold weather pumpability.

Syn-tack is packaged in caulking tubes for convenient, easy, no waste application. (also available in drums, pails and cartridges)