V.I. PLUS – SAE 10w/40

Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

No. 404


  • Four stroke engines

V.I. Plus Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil No. 404 10w/40 is the ultimate in multi-grade motorcycle engine oil performance. It is a premium quality SJ Plus/SH motorcycle oil compounded with Frontier’s exclusive extender additive package ETX. This exclusive formulation provides excellent protection against deposits resulting from high temperature operation. It also provides maximum protection against sludge deposits resulting from the severe service of short trips and stop and go riding. V.I. Plus 10w/40 is especially beneficial in V-twins and air cooled engines.


V.I. Plus 10w/40 is a blend of the highest quality base oils and selected additives. This combination insures smooth shifting and maximum horse power. The anti-wear additive in VI Plus minimizes wear and scuffing of metal surfaces under boundary lubrication conditions. The detergent-dispersant additives protect against sludge formation and varnish deposits. The anti-oxidant additive provides excellent resistance to oxidation during the high temperatures encountered during long idle periods.

V.I. Plus 10w/40 contains selected alkaline additives, which give a much higher TBN (Total Base Number) than regular motorcycle engine oils. This higher TBN provides much better protection against the formation of acidic compounds than conventional motorcycle engine oils. V.I. Plus 10w/40 also has a much higher viscosity index (VI) than conventional oils. This benefit provides better all weather (hot or cold) performance than regular motorcycle engine oil.


V.I. Plus 10w/40 Engine Oil provides the following advantages:

  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of current and proposed four cycle motorcycle engine oil specifications
  • Protects both air and coolant cooled engines from wear and deposits
  • Resists soot-related viscosity increase
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Improves engine reliability and life


Meets and exceeds the following performance requirements: API: SJ, SH, SG


SAE GRADE: 10w/40
Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt: 14.8
Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt: 104
Viscosity Index (VI): 150
Gravity, º API: 29.1
Flash Point, COC, ºF: 430
Pour Point, ºF: –20
TBN, ASTM D-2896: 14
Sulfated Ash Content % 1.5
Oxidation Stability: Exceeds Requirements
Rust and Corrosion: Exceeds Requirements
Anti-Wear Protection: Exceeds Requirements
HT/HS, Cp D-4683 3.97

Values shown hear are typical, and may vary.