No. 411


  • Oxidation/Nitration resistance
  • Extended drain

The ultimate in NG engine oil performance: V.I. PLUS NG. This superior quality, low ash lubricant is blended from high viscosity index hydroprocessed group II base oils, an exclusive anti-oxidation/anti-nitration package and Frontiers exclusive extender additive package “ETX”. V.I. Plus NG is specifically designed for 4-cycle and select 2-cycle stationary engines which use natural or synthetic gas. It meets the performance requirements of API CD and the catalyst compatibility requirements of Englehard.


V.I. Plus NG has been developed with a high thermal stability and maximum detergency to reduce varnish and gum deposits, this greatly reduces oil oxidation and nitration. The additive technology in V.I. Plus NG reduces ring wear, improves piston cleanliness, reduces bearing wear, extends drain intervals and reduces oil consumption.


V.I. Plus NG Engine Oil provides the following advantages:

Oxidation/Nitration resistance:

The special combination of Frontier’s exclusive anti-oxidation/anti-nitration package and the premium high quality base oils minimize the build-up of insolubles and provides extended oil and filter life.

Extended drain:

Extended drain intervals when used with an oil analysis program and when following the guidelines of the OEMS.

Catalyst compatible:

Meets requirements of catalysts suppliers.

High TBN:

High TBN provides extra protection against corrosive acids. It also provides maximum piston cleanliness to prevent ring sticking and to maintain clean, varnish-free piston skirts.

API CD performance:

Total additive package provides a cleaner engine, minimizes sludge build-up, protects against ring and liner wear, and provides excellent piston and ring belt deposit control.

Rust and corrosion protection



Recommended for 4-cycle and selected 2-cycle stationary engines fueled by natural gas, synthetic gas, digester and Landfill gas.

Manufacturer: Rating: Manufacturer: Rating


3400,3500,3600 P Clark-Dresser S

All Others P Delavel Enterprise P


Category I P* Superior P

Category II P* Cooper Bessemer

Category III P* 2-cycle, 4-cycle P


VR Series P Fairbanks-Morse/MEP S

VHP Series P Worthington

VGF Series P 2-cycle S

VSG Series P 4-cycle P

AT25GL Series P

Intermediate/Clinton P

S = Satisfactory for use

P = Preferred product

* = SAE 30 viscosity grade only

SAE GRADE: 30 40

Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt: 11.2 13.8

Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt: 96 131

Viscosity Index: 105 105

Gravity, º API: 30.4 29.8

Flash Point, COC, ºF: 425 440

Pour Point, ºF: -10 0

TBN, ASTM D-2894: 5 5

Oxidation Stability: Exceeds Requirements Exceeds Requirements

Rust and Corrosion: Exceeds Requirements Exceeds Requirements

Anti-Wear Protection: Exceeds Requirements Exceeds Requirements

Sulfated Ash, % wt.: 0.45 0.45

Values shown here are typical, and may vary.