SAE 40wt

No. 412


  • 4-Cycle Engines
  • Select 2-Cycle Engines

The ultimate in NG engine oil performance: V I PLUS NG. This superior quality, low ash lubricant is blended from high viscosity index hydro-processed group II base oils, an exclusive anti-oxidation/anti-nitration package and Frontiers exclusive extender additive package “ETX”. V I Plus NG is specifically designed for 4-cycle and select 2-cycle stationary engines which use natural or synthetic gas. It meets the performance requirements of API CD and the catalyst compatibility requirements of Englehard.

V I Plus NG has been developed with a high thermal stability and maximum detergency to reduce varnish and gum deposits, this greatly reduces oil oxidation and nitration.

The additive technology in V I Plus NG reduces ring wear, improves piston cleanliness, reduces bearing wear, extends drain intervals and reduces oil consumption.


Engine designs are changing rapidly to meet emission requirements. Engines must run “drier” to reduce particulate emissions. Engines also must adapt to low-sulfur fuels and retarded injection timing, which can increase the soot loading in a lubricant leading to higher wear, oil thickening and filter plugging. The engines being developed today have higher operating temperatures, and are more susceptible to deposits.

V I Plus has been developed specifically for these engines with a higher thermal stability and the recommended maximum detergency to reduce varnish and gum deposits and to greatly reduce oil oxidation and oil consumption. These benefits not only protect low- emissions diesels from wear and deposits, they also provide maximum protection in pre-1994 engines running on low-sulfur fuel as well. Extensive field tests show superior deposit control to any other oil on the market. The reason for better performance is increased levels of reserve alkalinity.

Detergent/Dispersant alkalinity has been directly correlated with reduced ring wear, improved piston cleanliness, reduced bearing wear, improved oil consumption, extended service intervals and better fuel economy.


V I Plus Engine Oil provides the following advantages:

  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of current and proposed engine oil specifications
  • Protects low-emission diesel engines from wear and deposits
  • Provides excellent wear and deposit protection in pre-1994 engines running on low-sulfur fuel
  • Resists soot-related viscosity increase, filter plugging and wear
  • Extends engine life while meeting emissions requirements
  • Improves engine durability, keeping equipment in as new condition