No. 1150
July 21, 2016 jdgray
PIVOT GUARD #1150 Gear Oil is designed for use in both pivot and linear sprinkler worm driveboxes. It has heavy paraffin base oils and a proprietary synthetic polymer to both slow water intrusion and to separate completely from any entrained water. PIVOT GUARD#1150 contains special extreme pressure and anti-wear additives specifically designed for the sliding contact of gear teeth. The use of #1150 will significantly reduce maintenance costs associated with topping off of gearboxes which have damaged seals and or cases.


No. 1003
June 9, 2016 jdgray
Safe Guard Extreme Duty tire sealant is based on the highly successful Safe Guard Heavy Duty formulation. We have modified the fiber and filler content to enhance sealing capabilities, thus providing the ultimate in tire protection.


No. 1001
June 9, 2016 jdgray
Safe Guard Heavy Duty formulation begins with time proven Safe Guard Commercial Grade Product. It is then enhanced with additional fibers and fillers that are larger in size.

Gear Guard

No. 112
June 8, 2016 jdgray
Gear Guard is a long-life adhesive/cohesive grease designed for use in enclosed gear cases requiring a semi-fluid product. This formulation has a mixed base thickener comprised of 12-Hydroxy Lithium and Calcium Complex.

ALL GEAR 85w/140

No. 203
June 6, 2016 jdgray
All Gear 85w/140 is an all season gear lubricant specially formulated from high viscosity index, hydro-processed, group II base oils, Frontier Lubricant’s exclusive MTX moly friction reducer additive package and the most advanced thermally stable additive system on the market today.