No. 302
June 8, 2016 jdgray
PRO GUARD SEMI-SYNTHETIC TO-4 FLUIDS are severe duty lubricants specifically blended for transmissions and final drives which require Caterpillar TO-4 fluids. This fluid is specifically designed to provide long drain intervals and reduce wear in severe duty, heavy load applications.


No. 105
June 8, 2016 jdgray
Black Cat Severe Duty is a tacky, long-life, adhesive/cohesive grease, designed with a 70 pound Timken OK Load Rating, and a drop point of 550 F+. Black Cat is specially formulated to provide maximum, long lasting protection to bearings, bushings, pins, sliding surfaces, and other areas exposed to severe conditions of pounding, moisture contamination, or heavy loads.


No. 513
June 6, 2016 jdgray
Power Mix 1000 ULSD is a multi-functional diesel fuel treatment designed to clean and maintain the cleanliness of fuel systems, increase engine efficiency and replace the natural lubricity removed from fuel during the hydro cracking process used to make Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD). The continual use of this product will reduce the overall operating cost of diesel engines by providing a fuel that will minimize injector wear, injector fouling and tip erosion allowing engines to operate at peak performance and maintain optimum fuel efficiency.