No. 103
June 8, 2016 jdgray
Silver 70 is an extremely tacky, long-life adhesive/cohesive grease designed with a 70 pound Timken OK Load Rating and a drop point of 550 F+. It contains Teflon® and a unique blend of organic and mineral moly that provides extreme anti-wear protection far beyond that of conventional greases.


No. 652
June 6, 2016 jdgray
PURE GUARD FM FOOD GRADE GEAR OILS are superior quality anti-wear adhesive/cohesive lubricants. They have been specifically formulated for use in equipment where U.S.D.A. H-1 lubricants are specified because of the chance of incidental contamination of food or beverage. They are also intended for use in equipment where the oil may end up in sewers, waterways or other ecologically sensitive areas.


No. 896
June 5, 2016 jdgray
D-FOG Lift station Cleaner is used to clear lift stations and wet wells of Fog (Fats, Oils, Greases) and solids accumulations. It can be used anywhere animal or vegetable FOG accumulate in water systems, such as sand filters and transmission lines. D-Fog Lift Station Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe, and meets the criteria for a degradable product as determined by a modified strum test (40 CFR 796.3260). D-FOG Lift Station Cleaner is a unique organic coupling agent that accelerates the activity of existing bacteria by making their food source more accessible to them by breaking up and suspending fats, oils and grease as well as solids.