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Frontier Performance Lubricants, is a heavy-duty lubrication specialist and lubricant manufacturer. We manufacture a complete line of custom lubricants formulated from the finest base stocks available, coupled with the latest, most advanced additive technology on the market today.

At Frontier, there is a personal commitment to quality products and service by each employee. We work closely with you to  know as much as possible about your equipment and your lubrication needs to insure the proper product, in the proper application. Our goal is to reduce your downtime, maintenance requirements and overall repair and replacement costs which directly increases the useful life of your machinery. Using Frontier Performance Lubricants means more up-time, more revenue, and a more profitable operation.

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Office: 209-334-6353

Toll Free: 800-807-4496


Address: Frontier Performance Lubricants, Inc.
P. O. Box 1777
Lodi, California 95241