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FRONTIER PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS, INC. is a California-based Corporation incorporated in 1994 with its principal headquarters and main warehouse in Galt, blending facilities in Buena Park, while maintaining satellite warehouses in various locations throughout the United States. Frontier is proud to be known as a company “founded by heavy equipment users, for heavy equipment users.” Many of Frontier’s original investors were large farm operators, construction companies, and industrial concerns operating in the Central Valley of California. These investors believed in the ideas and business ethics of the founders of Frontier.

Frontier Performance Lubricants, Inc. provides a complete line of custom lubricants formulated from only the finest base stocks available, coupled with the latest, most advanced additive technology on the market today. And we have a growing line of Biodegradable, environmentally friendly lubricants and cleaners and degreasers to help preserve the environment in which we all work and live.

At Frontier, there is a personal commitment to quality products and services by each employee. We work closely with our customers to know as much as possible about their equipment and lubrication needs in order to insure the proper product, in the proper application. Our Senior Chemists, Tribologists, and Lubrication Engineers become part of your project team. As new design concepts are developed, close collaboration with your engineers optimizes system success. Our continuing research provides “State of the Art” knowledge.

Our goal is to reduce our customer’s downtime, maintenance requirements and overall repair and replacement
costs, thus, increasing the useful life of their machinery. Ultimately, this means more up time, more revenue,
and a more profitable operation for the clients we serve.

The success of our business has been, and will continue to be, largely a result of our ability to deliver dependable,
high quality, “Performance Products”, custom tailored to each client’s needs as we can fabricate application specific oils & greases designed for automotive, aerospace, military & machinery markets. We can also create synthetics for highly engineered applications such as CV joints, track rolls, high speed bearings for automotive, military mobile equipment, off-road & track racing.

We are, above all, very customer-focused, committed to solving all our customer’s needs and doing everything we possibly can to keep them satisfied. This approach will ensure that we retain a highly satisfied clientele and earn repeat business as well as referrals.

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Address: Frontier Performance Lubricants, Inc.
P. O. Box 1777
Lodi, California 95241