Our aerosol products are engineered to provide maximum performance in a convenient aerosol container.

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Electronic Component Cleaner is a special solvent recently developed for use in white rooms for cleaning of sophisticated instruments, controls and computers. Electronic Component Cleaner is an extremely high-purity solvent cleaner for cleaning critical metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Removes grease, oil and dirt from sensitive electrical components without attacking plastics or wire insulations.
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Food Safe Lubricant may be used as a lubricant, release agent or anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in locations in which there is exposure of the lubricated parts to edible products. This product is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless and contains no silicones.
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Graphite Spray Grease is an extra heavy duty, high temperature, extreme pressure grease. This product will leave a grease film that not only lubricates, but penetrates deeply into difficult to reach areas to prevent wear and corrosion of metal surfaces.
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Moly Coat is an extremely versatile spray lubricant developed to provide a tough durable lubricating film and anti-friction barrier. Moly Coat has an affinity to metal surfaces and a broad temperature range (-110 Degrees to 1050 degrees.)
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Pen-Safe Penetrant is a multi-purpose, anti-rust, anti-corrosion penetrant, lubricant, moisture remover and cleaner. Pen-Safe Penetrant is formulated to penetrate into the threads of rusty bolts even when they are countersunk. It is a handy and quick way of maintaining satisfactory operation and/or even correcting faulty behavior on a variety of machines and mechanisms.
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Red Spray Grease is a non-flammable Aerosol, extra heavy duty, high temperature, extreme pressure grease. This product initially sprays as a thin liquid that penetrates deeply into hard to reach areas to clean and flush out old lubricant and contaminants, then converts to a high quality water-proof grease that bonds to metal surfaces.
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Safety Solvent II is a non-flammable heavy-duty solvent degreaser designed to remove oil and grease deposits. Use for general purpose cleaning or for final hand degreasing of finished parts. This product has a slower evaporation rate than most aerosol solvents, this allows for a more thorough cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces.