Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant

No. 204 – SAE 90, 140, 250


  • Tractors
  • Back Hoes
  • Trucks
  • Graders
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Gears
  • Buses
  • Logging Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • More Below

ALL GEAR 90wt is an all-purpose gear lubricant specially formulated from high viscosity index, hydroprocessed, group II base oils, Frontier Lubricant’s exclusive MTX moly friction reducer additive package and the most advanced thermally stable additive system on the market today.

The potential for thermal breakdown and deposits is far greater today than ever before due to the severe conditions present in modern drive trains.

ALL GEAR provides exceptional performance in high-temperature applications, performance far beyond that required by industry and OEM specifications.

ALL GEAR unique formulation keeps critical parts cleaner because it prevents sludge and deposits, even under sustained high-temperature operation. This extends service life by preventing the formation of deposits that can cause premature seal and bearing failure.