No. 111


  • High Horsepower Open Gears found on
  • Cement Mills
  • Rotary Kiln Master Gears
  • Dryers
  • Shovel Swing and Reversing Gears
  • Dipper Sticks
  • Presses
  • Ways and Guides
  • Wire Ropes and Cables

Black Cat Gear Compound is a non-melt, non-asphaltic based multi-purpose compound.

This lubricant has excellent mechanical and shear stability plus excellent adhesive and cohesive characteristics. Black Cat Gear Compound resists extreme heat and will not throw out under the most severe operating conditions. This unique compound is designed for heavily loaded open gearing and exposed mechanisms.

Black Cat Gear Compound is formulated with premium heavy base stocks, inert thickeners, proprietary soaps and lubricating solids, a unique synthetic polymer combined with select anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.

Black Cat Gear Compound contains a unique blend of mineral moly and graphite that provide a tough adherent film and extreme anti-wear protection far beyond that of conventional greases.


Black Cat Gear Compound can be used on HIGH HORSEPOWER OPEN GEARS found on cement mills, rotary kiln master gears, dryers, shovel swing and reversing gears, dipper sticks, presses, ways and guides, wire ropes and cables. Black Cat Gear Compound may also be used on large, very slow plain and roller bearings.


Black Cat Gear Compound is non-melt, water insoluble and chemical resistant. Reduction in vibration (noise) is achieved with Frontier’s exclusive “Surface Polish” open gear additive. For exposed open gears, vertical gears and dipper sticks exposed to the weather, Black Cat Gear Compound is totally water insoluble and will not wash off under the most severe conditions.