Clean Tech LS

Low Solids, High Speed Industrial Bearing Grease

No. 120


  • Electric Motors
  • Plain Bearings
  • Ball Bearings
  • Automatic Lube Systems
  • Roller Bearings
  • Fill for Life
  • Precision Instrumentation

Clean Tech LS is a Lithium complex thickened high speed bearing grease. It has excellent thermal and oxidative stability and is formulated with the highest quality Group II mineral oil. Fortified with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, this product is excellent for lubrication and protection of high-speed electric motor bearings and other applications requiring excellent anti-wear. The Lithium complex thickener increases apparent viscosity and imparts excellent resistance to water. It is designed to function at high speeds and in applications with high mechanical sheer. The paraffinic base fluid is coupled with a synergistic blend of antioxidants for maximum performance. This feature makes it ideal for high speed bearings operating under 350°F. The high oxidation resistance of this Group II base fluid makes Clean Tech LS ideal for long grease interval applications as well as some fill for life applications.

Clean Tech LS is specifically formulated for high speed bearing applications. It is designed to perform in bearings running in a hydrodynamic or elasto-hydrodynamic regime. Base oil viscosities and thickener quantities provide for unparalleled performance in bearings with DN values up to 300,000. Clean Tech LS should not be used in applications where heavy loads or shock loading facilitate the need for heavy boundary lubrication. Clean Tech LS is fortified with EP agents as well as anti wear, however it does lack the solids that are traditionally seen in greases that are used in slower moving highly loaded applications.

Clean Tech LS is a high drop point, low bleed lithium-complex grease formulated with High Viscosity Index Hydro-processed base oil compounded with specialized additives including:

  • Adhesive/Cohesive Additives
  • Stabilizing Agents
  • Extreme Pressure Additives
  • Oxidation Inhibitors
  • Anti-Wear Agents
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors