Bio-Draulic THF

No. 317
October 7, 2016 jdgray
Bio-Draulic THF is an environmentally responsible universal lubricant for farm equipment, off-highway machinery, and industrial tractors

All Clean Extra

No. 809
July 14, 2016 jdgray
All Clean Extra is a new generation heavy-duty, water based, synthetic cleaner and degreaser specially formulated for cleaning oily and greasy surfaces. It is environmentally safe, non toxic, non flammable, non corrosive, non abrasive, and biodegradable.


No. 317
June 9, 2016 jdgray
Biodraulic Tractor Hydraulic is an environmentally responsible universal lubricant for farm equipment, off-highway machinery, and industrial tractors. This multifunctional biobased fluid is designed for equipment requiring one lubricant for the transmission, final drive, wet brakes and hydraulic systems. It meets or exceeds the performance requirements of all major brands of farm tractors and other farm equipment that utilize a common fluid reservoir.


No. 316
June 9, 2016 jdgray
AllSyn FR Series fluids are fire resistant hydraulic fluids formulated with the highest quality synthetic, organic esters and carefully selected additives that achieve excellent hydraulic fluid performance. They provide a lubrication level equal to premium mineral oil anti-wear hydraulic fluids. AllSyn FR Series fluids are Factory Mutual certified, fire-resistant and have self-extinguishing properties.


No. 811
June 3, 2016 jdgray
ALL CLEAN FP is a new generation organic, biodegradable, heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser designed for industrial, automotive, commercial and food service applications. It outperforms harsh soaps, detergents and hazardous chemicals, in hard or soft water. Removes grease, oil, animal fats, food residue and dirt.


No. 703
June 3, 2016 jdgray
Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is a unique blend of highly solvent vegetable base oils. Bio-Cable and Wire Rope Lubricant is fortified with Anti-Wear additives as well as non aggressive EP additives to reduce cable stretching and provide extended cable life.


No. 309
June 2, 2016 jdgray
BIODRAULIC HYDRAULIC FLUID is a premium quality, highly oxidation stable, anti-wear lubricant. This vegetable based product has been formulated to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by most hydraulic pump manufactures, and is stable enough to be used in both high temperature and high pressure systems. BIODRAULIC HYDRAULIC FLUID has a unique rust and oxidation inhibiting system that assures the highest level of rust and oxidation protection availiable. BIODRAULIC HYDRAULIC FLUID is a clear choice for use in applications on or near water.


No. 230
June 2, 2016 jdgray
Biogear Oils are environmentally responsible lubricants designed for the protection of gears and bearings in systems where high temperature and/or extreme pressure conditions exist.