V.I. Plus Engine

No. 404
August 11, 2017 jdgray
V.I. Plus Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil No. 404 10w/40 is the ultimate in multi-grade motorcycle engine oil performance. It is a premium quality SJ Plus/SH motorcycle oil compounded with Frontier’s exclusive extender additive package ETX.

Brake Parts Cleaner

No. 876
March 30, 2017 jdgray
Brake Parts Cleaner is a heavy duty solvent degreaser designed to remove oil, brake fluid and grease deposits. Use for general purpose cleaning or for final hand degreasing of finished parts. Brake Parts Cleaner has a controlled evaporation rate that allows for a more thorough cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces.


No. 1001
June 9, 2016 jdgray
Safe Guard Heavy Duty formulation begins with time proven Safe Guard Commercial Grade Product. It is then enhanced with additional fibers and fillers that are larger in size.


No. 103
June 8, 2016 jdgray
Silver 70 is an extremely tacky, long-life adhesive/cohesive grease designed with a 70 pound Timken OK Load Rating and a drop point of 550 F+. It contains Teflon® and a unique blend of organic and mineral moly that provides extreme anti-wear protection far beyond that of conventional greases.


No. 502
June 6, 2016 jdgray
Power Mix 100 is a modern fuel conditioner and stabilizer concentrate. recommended for use in diesel fuel or gasoline engines to increase performance, reduce downtime, clean and lubricate critical engine parts, neutralize the harmful effects of sulfuric acid, remove carbon, gum, sludge, soot and varnish from valves, cylinders, pistons, fuel injectors, carburetors and all interior surfaces of an internal combustion engine.


No. 808
June 5, 2016 jdgray
Wash-N-Shine is a new generation biodegradable, heavy-duty vehicle cleaner designed for industrial, automotive and commercial applications.


No. 852
June 2, 2016 jdgray
Super Penetrant is a heavy duty multi-purpose, anti-rust, anti-corrosion penetrant, lubricant, moisture remover and Super Penetrant is a specially formulated penetrant/lubricant designed to loosen corroded parts and leave a protective lubricating film. It quickly displaces moisture and carries Teflon ® and Vydax ® to the point of contact where they bond to the surface areas providing wear protection.